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Imagine a world in which your lottery of choice is not restricted to your place of birth, origin or residence. You can stop imagining and let Icelotto do it for you!

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Established back in 2011, with a vision in mind; to enable and promote opportunities for customers worldwide; Icelotto serves as an online lottery courier service, providing lottery fans with the opportunity of worldwide lottery participation.

Icelotto evaluates the major official lotteries worldwide, offers winning odds and statistical data along with ongoing results, promote special offers and updates in real time around the world.

Icelotto currently provides lotteries in several countries worldwide. Every time a customer buys a ticket using their services, the ticket then will be purchased by the local office in the lottery’s country, scanned and uploaded to the customers’ Icelotto online account where it can be viewed or printed. In addition, a confirmation email including all purchase details and number of order will be sent out automatically to the client’s personal email address as registered in order to provide additional proof of purchase.

Icelotto, invests its best efforts to ensure clients will maximize their opportunities and investments. Work along with professional team of statisticians and mathematicians to increase the winning odds for every client.

Icelotto is focused on the customer’s needs, preferences and limitations. Assisting customers in choosing the lottery most suited for them according to their best interest and preference.

Whether you are a Jackpot person or a high winning odds lottery fan- Icelotto enables you, the customer, with the correct tools to improve your winning odds and to actually be able to take part in a lottery on the other end of the world, assisting new winners daily. offers all of its customers 24/7 support via Chat, Email and fully staffed Call Center in order to make sure any question, inquiry and issue will be solved as quickly as possible in case one should surface. In addition to all the above, Icelotto also offers an exclusive VIP membership which is free of charge and offers additional discounts for those who play regularly.

Using the state of the art technology and security procedures, top lottery analytics experts and full on customer support- your lottery participation is secured with!