A Local Family in Hesperia Pockets 72 Million Dollars

As many head to work every day, there are others who believe that lottery is the only way they can live their dreams. Things are not different in California where lotto players buy tickets every other day hoping to be the winners of the jackpot. A local family in Hesperia can attest that lottery works after they pocketed millions of dollars from Superlotto Plus.

A Family Matches All the 5 Numbers Superlotto Plus Winning Numbers

According to the lotto rules, you are supposed to combine 5 numbers correctly in order to win the jackpot. This is exactly what the group of 5 did to win the 72 million dollars. The five members of the family pulled together with each one of them selecting the Superlotto Plus [superlotto-plus.com] winning numbers they believed were lucky. After the draw on January 25, they could not believe that they had become instant millionaires.

The Five Winning Players of the Superlotto Plus

It all started on January 25, 2017, when the five chose the numbers. They all went to the 15500 block of the Main Street in Cardenas Market where they choose the lucky numbers each. The winning numbers were 13, 9, 29, 27 and 33 with the Mega number being 10. The participants were Keith Petersen, Arthur Santana, Amparo Donaldson, Monica Petersen and Yvonne Wilkinson were the lucky winners after the Superlotto Plus results.

100 Dollars Leads to the Superlotto plus Win

It is amazing how a small amount can turn you into a millionaire in seconds. When these five members contributed 20 dollars each and choose a number each, they did not know that they were the ones to hit the jackpot. According to them is that the 100 dollars was to be depleted by buying the tickets intermittently.

The Reward

After getting all the Superlotto Plus winning numbers, the winners had an option of taking a lump sum amount, or they get the payment spread out for 30 years. It is not yet clear what they opted for since they did not accept any interviews but if they opted for the lump sum amount, they would get a total of 44.4 million dollars, but if they opted for the second option, they would get a total of 72 million dollars spread out in about 30 years. The retailer that sold the winning ticket was also to get a reward which amounted to 360,000 dollars.

Amparo Donaldson, one of the winners, could not believe they had won. She checked the ticket several times to ascertain the win. With Superlotto Plus, once you hit the jackpot, you have an option of taking a lump sum or receiving the amount every year for about 30 years. The latter guarantees you of a sufficient income for a long period thus it is advisable unless you have an investment plan, you should opt for this option. The odds of winning in this lotto are less than in others where you have to match 6 numbers.