Huge Lotto Jackpot Records: SuperEnalotto

All About the Biggest SuperEnalotto Lottery Jackpot Record

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SuperEnalotto Jackpot

superenalotto-jackpotIt is possible for the SuperEnalotto jackpot to increase to astonishing amounts, as there is no fixed limit for rollover or cap. Every draw experiences 17.4% of the prize fund allocated to the jackpot. The entire amount is transferred to the next draw in case there is no winner. This can make ticket holders play for awards of nine-figures.

Winning SuperEnalotto Jackpot

Players become winners of the top prize of multimillion-Euro by matching each of the six key numbers drawn. In case a player has included the SuperStar option also to their ticket, they are able to claim an extra €2 million bonus apart from the SuperEnalotto jackpot by also matching the SuperStar.

In October 2016, a jackpot winner from Calabria, Vibo Valentia conquered 1-56 billion odds to attain this feat, increasing their fortune to €165.5 million.

Italian becomes Winner of £130 m in the hugest lottery prize

Despite Ugo Verni declaring he was not the winner, the wide grin on his face was self-explanatory, confirming he was actually the winner of the hugest lottery jackpot in Europe.

There had been wild speculation regarding who had won the £130 million top prize. The Superenalotto ticket that won was sold in the ancient village of Bagnone, in Tuscan Village in a bar, making the fortunate winner precisely 147,807,299 euros richer. This was in 2009.

The attractive hilltop town erupted into celebration after they got wind of the news about the win. Locals bought Prosecco bottles and toasted one another on the street.

The winner only spent two euros to purchase lottery tickets prior to attaining the huge sum.  The focus was on Mr Verni, who was unmarried and in his late forties. He stayed on his own, in a simple house.

SuperEnalotto numbers are drawn thrice a week and displayed on national television.